Get inspired by raw, natural beauty.

Radical Wonders is a unique collaboration between growers, traders and designers. We are all passionate about berry bushes such as Ilex (or holly). A product group that is traditionally used in wreaths and ornaments. But we’re not traditionalists. We’re explorers.

We work with top growers, who produce the best berry bushes with care and craftmanship. Each season, we harvest the best of the best. A small selection ends up in our collection. The collection is offerend to our clients around the globe, through our wholesale partners.

Our aim is to inspire you to make your best work. Go beyond traditions. Dream big. Bring a touch of radical magic in your life.

For every story

We’ve got a look for every story. From cool winter weddings to the hot buzz of high fashion, we’re happy to supply a touch of magic with our berry bushes.

The best of the best

We work with the best growers. They have been growing these plants for generations, striving for the ultimate quality. We take great pride in our top notch quality control and world class service.

Limitless creativity

We are here to introduce you to a world beyond tradition, full of spectacular new looks. Fantastic colours, amazing shapes and styles unlike anything you’ve seen before. Let your creativity run wild with Radical Wonders premium collection.

Grown with love – All our products are grown and picked by expert growers.