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Ilex Winter Gold

A winter berry with a heart of gold. Fantastic decorative branches, heavy with orange coloured berries with a coral blush.

ilex wintergold

Beautiful peach-coloured berries

Ilex Verticillata Winter Gold is a slow growing, multi-stemmed shrub with heavy berries. The dark green foliage turns to a warm golden bronze in autumn. In spring or early summer tiny green and white flowers sprout from its branches, that by the end of the year are replaced by beautiful peach-coloured berries. A breath-taking sight against the cool backdrop of a chilly winter. Our growers protect Winter Gold from hungy birds, who otherwise pick the branches bare. With the right precautions, the berries will remain until early spring next year.

In floral arrangements or solo

The branches, with bright berries, are fantastic decoration, either in a floral arrangement or solo. Bold, cheerful and surprisingly refreshing when paired with darker, more subdued colours.

Winner of the Gold Medal Award of The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.