Berries beyond Christmas

Berries beyond Christmas

Ilex (holly) is beautiful at Christmas, but you can enjoy it for so much longer. From the beginning of autumn to early spring.

Berries, hips & flowers

You can expect to see the very first Ilex in late summer or autumn, depending on the weather. The classic red Ilex is really eye-catching in lavish autumn bouquets. The yellow and orange ones are no less impressive. These are beautiful in colourful bouquets that radiate the richness of autumn. Combine Ilex with colourful seasonal flowers such as dahlias, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. Or make a berry bouquet with Ilex, Callicarpa and Symphoricarpos. Truly autumnal!

In the mood for spring

Christmas is high season for Ilex, especially the red variety. As soon as Christmas is over, many people start to look forward to springtime. It’s lovely to combine lemon-yellow Ilex with the first, fresh spring flowers, such as tulips, ranunculus and anemones. With a variety in height, they create a wonderful, hand-picked bouquet with spring vibes.

To be continued

By the time spring really arrives, the berry splendor is over. From that moment on, the bushes in the field put all their energy into producing the branches which will eventually grow more beautiful and colourful berries. For Ilex this will take at least two years! But you don’t have to wait that long. Our growers make sure there’s a beautiful assortment of berries available every year. What a joy!