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Fritillaria Meleagris

Fritillaria Meleagris in bloom is the ultimate in refinement. Passion, elegance, in perfect equilibrium.


In spring, Fritillaria Meleagris blooms with beautiful purple, spotted flowers. Yellow stamens grow in the hearts of the bell-shaped flowers. Each stem sports one purple flower in a swirl of green leaves. The stem and leaves are very fine and elegant, and the narrow leaves wither after blooming. Her refinement makes Meleagris unique; everything about the flower is in perfect balance.

She grows to about 20 cm height. In the wild she grows in moist peat or loamy meadows and maymultiply by hundreds at a time. Each new flower takes about eight years to bloom.

Looking at a single Meleagris, or at a bouquet of them, is a breathtaking spectacle.

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