Solo arrangements with berry branches

Solo arrangements with berry branches

These branches look beautiful in a vase on their own: Ilex give an amazing solo performance. Let them shine!

An eye for detail!

A single blossom or berry branch will provide something special in your home. All attention is on the details, which are less visible in a bouquet. Each botanical element demands to be admired, from the shape of the berries to the hue of the blossom. The shape of the branch is also striking: is it perfectly straight or with a slight twist? It’s fascinating to see.

Perfect match

If you want to show off a single branch, choose a matching vase carefully. You’ll need a sturdy vase to prevent it tipping over. You can also play around with the look. A single berry branch looks very cool in a sturdy (ceramic) vintage vase, but you can also add more branches of course. A glass vase makes the whole display light and transparent, truly springtime. Blossom branches look beautiful in glass, clear as well as coloured.


Go overboard

Is a single branch a bit too minimalist for you? Then grab an array of vases and put a beautiful blossom or berry branch in each one. Fill them all over with lush flowers. They look great gathered together on the table, mantelpiece or low cabinet. Sit back and enjoy.