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Fritillaria Persica

Purple, bell-shaped flowers of amazing beauty. It’s time to welcome a tall, dark stranger into your life!

Fritillaria Persica

Fritillaria Persica, also known as Persian Lily, is a bulbous perennial. She produces tall flower stalks, bearing spectacular clusters of bell-shaped flowers. In younger plants those are loosely compacted, while older plants sometimes grow clusters of up to 30 (!) flowers. Colour varies from a deep, dark purple to grayish green or nearly ivory white. There simply is no flower like Fritillaria Persica when it comes to her unique style and sensibility. We cut the stems at just the right time, when Fritillaria Persica is guaranteed to bloom into a genuine show stopper.

Dark purple is nature’s secret weapon. It’s not a common colour, but the effect is all the more striking. The tall, sturdy stems and delicate flowers of dark purple make for a truly dazzling combination. Floral fashion at its best!



Stem size

90 – 120 cm

Flower diameter

2 cm