About Fritillaria


The Genus Fritillaria is a perennial plant that has species native to various locales all over the world. Although not known in Europe until approximately the 16th century, various species of Fritillaria were well known in other continents. Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest often ate the bulbs of several of the edible species, sometimes known as rice-root, although great care must be taken in the preparation process. Members of the Fritillaria genus have been used medicinally in Asia for thousands of years and is still a vital component of traditional medicine systems. Interestingly, the checkerboard pattern on the Croatian coat-of-arms and ergo, it’s flag, may have been inspired by the unique pattern on the Fritillaria meleagris species.

The range of these magnificent plants is staggering. With over 130 species around the globe, each cultivar has its own unique characteristics that are spellbinding. We’ve chosen ten of the most spectacular to offer to you. Come and explore the exotic realm of Fritillarias with us.

Renowned in the Renaissance

Fritillarias have been wildly popular among artists and nobles in Europe since the species was brought to Europe from the East. The many eye-catching and spectacular varieties of Fritillarias made ideal subjects for still life paintings as well as centerpieces in the homes of the sophisticated and well-to-do. Fritillarias appear on heardlry and city seals from Sweden to Japan.

Modern horticulture has given the gift of Fritallias to the masses, however, and it is no longer reserved as a luxurious trapping of wealth. The stately varieties of Fritillarias are available to anyone with the adventurous spirit.

Exotic Jungles, Delicate Bells, and Royal Crowns

One glance at our selection of Fritallias and you’ll notice that these impressive plants are more than your average flower. Each one is full of character and demands a spotlight. The spectrum of Fritillaria is awe-inspiring for newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

The willowy and bird-like Fritillaria Meleagris, who looks like it was freshly plucked from a tropical paradise, is a fragile wonder that will add an exotic flavor to any arrangement. Our  exclusive and rare Fritillaria Ivory Bells, a variant of the popular Fritillaria Persica, will certainly please any recipient. The Emperor’s Crown cultivar, Fritillaria Imperialis Aurora, is guaranteed to add a touch of noble dignity either by itself or in arrangement.

Endless Colour

The colour palette of Fritillarias are as varied as their shape and character, making them your go-to plant for when you need to make a bold and colourful statement. Unbound by a single hue, our Fritillarias come in deep, royal purple, cheery yellows and oranges, and silvery-white. But let’s not forget the striking green foliage of this remarkable plant – with Fritillarias, foliage is half the fun!

Fritillarias entice the viewer with slender fronds but can also make a statement with hearty and broad leaves. The foliage of these exceptional plants twists, winds, curves and teases. The intricate architecture of these awe-inspiring plants are a galvanizing jumping off point for your creativity.