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Ilex Citronella

A Winter Berry that’s hot like summer, with the colour of fresh lemons. Take a dive into a splash of colour!

ilex citronella

Popping colour

Like all species of Holly, Citronella is a deciduous shrub, losing her leaves in the fall. The fruit is a so-called winterberry, persisting on the branch long into the winter. Unlike most Hollies this cultivar bears fruit with a popping yellow colour. It’s a lemon-y twist on a brilliant product!

Mix it up

Holly is traditionally prized for use in wreaths and garlands. The sturdy branches provide firmness and filling to bouquets and arrangements. Citronella’s spectacular yellow colour is great to mix and combine with other kinds of Holly as well as other flowers. Contrast Citronella with bright colours, or let them liven up more subdued shades. She won’t disappoint.

Love and hope

During winter, Citronella loses all foliage. What remains are the iconic berries. A traditional Celtic symbol of love and hope, Citronella brings a touch of summer to the heart of winter. Available during fall and winter, in a variety of stem lengths. They’re extremely durable, under the right conditions they can be preserved for months. Store them cold, in clean water.

Our growers love the popping yellow colour

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