Berry season starts

Berry season starts

As soon as late summer begins, you can expect to see the first Ilex. Branches full of berries in radiant colours: from contemporary yellow to sparkling orange and classic red. Enjoy this berry splendour until early spring.


Berries & bees

Ilex (holly) is a unique outdoor crop because of its two-year cycle. This means that the growers can only harvest berry branches once every two years. After harvest, the shrub takes a year to produce new branches. The following year the shrubs bloom with small flowers. Bees – buzzing from bush to bush – take care of pollination, allowing the tiny flowers to grow into colourful berries.

Enjoy for a long time

The first berry branches are always a joy to work with. They are beautiful in late summer and autumnal luxurious bouquets. Christmas is traditionally the high season for red Ilex, but other shades are increasing popular in Christmas creations. Surprisingly beautiful! The berries add a wonderful colour accent to winter bouquets. Holly branches are available until early spring. The last Ilex of the berry season can be used to add a splash of colour to springtime bouquets, for example; how about soft yellow berries in combination with the first spring flowers. Spring sweetness.


Put Ilex on their own in the vase. This way all the attention is focused on the berries and the beautiful fork shaped branch.

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