Fritillaria: botanical beauties

Fritillaria: botanical beauties

From Persica to Elwesii. Each Fritillaria has its own character. Their charm is in the special colours, but the flower shapes are also fascinating. Meet our botanical bulbous flowers!


The dark purple colour of the flowers gives Fritillaria Persica a mysterious appearance. As many as 30 bell-shaped flowers can be found on the long stem. They are beautiful in a lush spring bouquet. Fritillaria Persica Ivory Bells has the same inflorescence, but the flowers are a green-white colour that slowly changes to creamy ivory with a touch of silver.

Fritillaria Imperialis Aurora

Bold & vibrant colours

Fritillaria Imperialis is also known as crown imperial. They are stately flowers with impressive bell-shaped flowers. Be amazed by the inflorescence and the striking flower colours of Aurora, Lutea and Orange Sweet. Let them shine in a colourful bouquet or alone in a sturdy vase.


Fritillaria Uva Vulpis (fox’s grape) and Elwesii are inimitable; true wonders of nature. The Uva Vulpis flowers with playful purple bells with a tinge of green and a golden yellow edge. The bell-shaped flowers of Elwesii tend to be more olive green with purple stripes. Very unique! They are both beautiful in delicate spring bouquets, as well as displayed in a collection of glass vases.

Care tips

Cut the stem and place the flowers in a clean vase with clean water and cut flower food. Do not put them in a draft or in full sun. If necessary, replace the vase water after a few days and enjoy the pure beauty of Fritillaria!

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