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Fritillaria Imperialis Lutea

A stately flower of majestic beauty, known for its spectacular clusters of bell-shaped flowers

It’s easy to see why Fritillaria Imperialis is commonly known as Crown Imperial. The straight, glossy stem, the crown of spiky foliage, and the bell-shaped pendant flowers in bright, striking colours make her stand out from the crowd. Flowers of the cultivar Fritillaria Imperialis Lutea are bright, lemon yellow. A sure-fire hit in any garden, bouquet or floral decoration.

Fritillaria Imperialis (Crown Imperial, or Pineapple Lily) appears to be named after the “fritillus”, a cup that contains dice, in reference to the cup-shaped flowers. Popular throughout the ages, and all across the world, it remains a symbol of exclusiveness and wealth. Proper cultivation takes time and effort, and propagation is a very slow process. It takes one large bulb to grow two new bulbs.

Legend has it that Fritillaria was one of the flowers in the field along Christ’s journey to Golgotha. All the flowers bowed their heads in respect. But one arrogant flower didn’t bow, and this was Fritillaria. A very angry angel came down to set things straight with Fritillaria, and the flower immediately hung her head in shame. And ever since, Fritillaria’s flowers hang low, and she weeps tears of glistening nectar…



Stem size

75 – 90 cm

Flower diameter

5 cm